Sometimes all you need is someone to care as much as you!

We offer individual attention for your dog or cat when you can't.
Dogs must have verification of vaccines including "kennel cough" and rabies, cats must have routine feline immunizations.
Compare us before going anywhere else!
Dog Boarding
Each dog has individual indoor/outdoor runs with access to a large enclosed play area for group or individual exercise/play.
We have a very clean facility, each morning the inside and outside runs are rinsed and cleaned with a sanizing cleaning agent.
We recommend bringing your pets own food and snacks as changing your pets diet may upset it's stomach.  We do provide premium dry food if needed.
Feeding: We follow our normal procedure of feeding two times a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.  If your pet has a strict feeding regiment we can make arrangements as to not distrupt the regiment.
The dogs are out 3 - 4 times a day for fresh air and bathroom breaks: Morning, afternoon, and evening.  If the weather permits we will leave the doors to the outside runs open so the dogs can move inside and out freely.

We provide floor mats in each pen for your pet to use  We encourage you to bring a pillow or blanket from home to help your pet feel more at home.
Bathing Available
We have a bathing station available for those who would like to freshen up their pet before returning home.
Cat Boarding
We provide a seperate cat suite away from the dogs so they do not get disturbed.

You are welcome to bring anything that will make your cat’s stay more comfortable.